By the Mirror

Out of the corner of his eye he saw their reflection in the mirror. They leaned so easily against each other, one of them could have simply turned and landed in that position, or as if they were just doing something with shirt buttons, shirt tucking, or belt buckles.

The Cattle Truck

“It’s you…” he said, and sighed again. She felt a girlish happiness that he remembered her immediately when he woke up, after knowing her less than a day.

The Sabbath of the Dragon

When the last button was found and worked loose, he gently and lingeringly moved the parted sides of the garment back and down from her shoulders, last of all freeing it from her wrists, and laying it on the bed behind them. His hands went lower to seek in the same way the fastenings of her skirt…

A Beautiful Book

With a small laugh at his tongue-tied longing, she kissed his cheek and snuggled herself against him in a way she knew would fuddle his mind much more thoroughly. His hand clutched her back like a greedy child, yet with a gentleness as if he was holding a puppy.

A Place in the Day

He took her hand, and could feel the rhythm of her blood in her palm. She gave his hand a short, earnest grip. With his other hand he drew her skirt over his head.

A Place in the Night

I took a bottle of aloe conditioner from a shelf at the top of the shower wall, and got down beside her, shoulder to shoulder in the corner. I put a generous drop of the aloe in my hand, closing my fingers over it to shield it from the water.

The Song of Songs

The song of songs, which is Solomon’s. Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than yayin.